The Journey

Hi my name is Philip Sheehan (James) and life has been amazing for the past three years. My family and I managed to pluck up the courage to quit the daily grind and begin to pursue the adventure we had discussed for 7 years. Life was grand, parking on stunning beaches, swimming with dolphins, meeting great people from all walks of life. It couldn’t really get much better. We had finally created the life of our dreams @ thebusnz ( My life of stress was over, I hadn’t had an anxiety attack in 3 years. The last few weeks involved hot pools and bonfires with great company.

Then it happened, one of the things I feared most to ever experience. I was sitting on the couch and felt a prickly pain in my cheast. I thought I had twisted wrong except the pain began to move to the left of my cheast, then to my back and finally the giveaway as it made it’s way down my left arm. Then it gripped me and I thought no no no this can’t be happening to me!

The 18th of August 2018 was the beginning of a very new journey, one I never wanted to experience. I had what is referred to as the “Widow Maker” I had a 99% blockage in my main artery which was followed a few days later by a stroke on the right side of my brain.

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I was recently asked to speak at a Tiny House and Alternative Living conference. You can view my talk below.