The Blue Zones

There are several places around the world today where people are living over 100 years of age. If you look into the reason behind this there appears to be a few things in common about each place. Below is a list of these reasons and how we could all benefit from them.

  • Natural Movement
  • Plant Based Diet
  • Good Red Wine
  • Mineral Rich Water
  • Purpose
  • Your Tribe / Community
  • Family Connection

Natural Movement

People living in the blue zones do not go on marathans or spend hours at the gym. They tend to use natural movement because of their lifestyles. For example, gardening, walking places rather then driving, Low impact type movement. If we do not move our body muscle tends to begin to break down within 72 hours. It is important to move but we don’t need to over work our bodies. Keep movement natural.

Plant Based Diet

It has been proven now that a good plant based diet can reverse heart disease and have positive effects on other health issues. I have included a page on this website about plant based diet. View Here

Good Red Wine

Another common factor is a good antioxidant rich red wine. Not a cheap wine as they are usually full of extra ingredients used to make the wine that are not so beneficial for us. One to two glasses a day keeps the Dr away. Not excessive amounts lol.

Mineral Rich Water

A lot of these areas tend to have access to mineral rich water. I know for myself when living in Taranaki I had access to some really nice mineral rich water that drinking one glass was equivalent to drinking ten glasses out of the tap.


It has been proven that those that have goals in life or a purpose to get up too each day adds life. I will give a good example of this under family. One thing I have noticed since travelling full time is that it is important to have something to get up to each day, to have some kind of purpose. For us it was Give4 where we were able to feed and cloth a lot of people on our travels. This can differ for people depending on what your life values are. But we all need purpose.

Your Tribe / Community

It is important to find your tribe. The people who you have common interests with common beliefs and spiritual beliefs. It has been proven that when you connect in this way it can add up to 14 years to your life. Choose your tribe carefully.

Community, I am not referring to living in a street where your kids go to the same school as the neighbors or you invite a neighbor over now and again for a bbq. In these communities they usually tend to come together during the day and take the time to prepare community meals together. They say that preparing a meal has health benefits that just grabbing an instant feed doesn’t. Once the meal is complete the tables come out and the community eat, laugh, cry, dance and more together.


I remember when mum was alive how she would often call me to ask when we were coming to stay, (we live and travel full time in a bus). Her health care givers would say how she used to light up every time she heard we were on our way for a visit. She would always joke that she didn’t care about seeing me but was looking forward to seeing the grand kids with a giggle. I believe that was a big key to her long life of 94 years. She always said she would live to see them grow up. It gave her something to get out of bed for.

I will go more into all this and how it could be a benefit after lockdown.